I Can't Complain

by Compass & Cavern

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The sun is out almost every day
My job is glorified child's play
Most parts are working in my brain
I can't complain
I can't complain

Hey! Hey! Hey!

We can find some good in everyone
Some will make us smarter, some help us have fun
A few will do us harm, but be glad we're not numb
We're the fortunate ones

I'll take the tough times that are thrown my way
I'll learn my lessons from the pain
It isn't always fair, but at least I'm playing the game
I can't complain

I just want you to know
That I am grateful for every rise and fall
I want to show
That I am thankful to be alive at all
To be alive at all

Post Chorus:
I can't complain 'bout the life that I'm given
With the ups and the downs, I'll be happy that I'm livin'
And I'm swimmin' in the river of my possibilities
I'll build a boat to stay afloat and sail out to the sea

We can take our time to get where we need to go
Everywhere there's traffic, at least there's a road
And if we're late because of a broken down car
Well, I bet we wouldn't walk that far

Give me a blizzard and I will make a fire
A windy day will only take me higher
I can put my hood up when it begins to rain
I can't complain


Post Chorus (2x)


released February 6, 2017
All music and lyrics written and performed by Compass & Cavern
Recorded by Josh Berman
Edited and produced by Josh Berman and C&C
Mixed by Mike Watts at VuDu Studios
Mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering



all rights reserved


Compass & Cavern Denver, Colorado

Curious Music for Curious Minds

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